Heartwood Builders Homes For Healthy Living

Superior Construction

"Builder of the
American Lung Association's
Health House Model Home
in 2001"




From the front door to the garage floor, your Heartwood Builders home showcases your appreciation for beauty. We begin with original and timeless elevations from renowned architects. As we realize your architect’s design, we incorporate the best in beautiful, distinctive, and durable materials.

You, your family, and everyone you welcome into your new home will appreciate the time we’ve taken with your handcrafted kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, ceramic tile, baseboards, molding — everything from the eye-pleasing, dimensional shingles on your roof to the grids on all windows, front and back.

Perhaps nothing says as much about a home, or inspires as much admiration, as the fireplace. Our signature mantles, custom designed and handcrafted on site by Jim Tanner and Greg Klein, frame unique and stunning surrounds of ceramic tile. We take pride in marking each mantle with our distinctive Heartwood Builders signature.




We build every Heartwood home to last longer than one hundred years.

At the foundation level, we add more steel to the footers and foundations than other builders. We install not one but two, draintile systems. And we spend more money on gravel backfill than required thereby assuring us that any ground water has a pathway to get away from, and not into, your basement.

For structural rigidity and integrity, we use more lumber in our walls than many other builders. To keep the water instrusions out of the walls, and to control the growth of mold in the walls, we spend more in labor and materials on flashing systems like mortar net behind brick.

To minimize the potential of roof leaks, we spend more money to have our roofs installed by only certified installers, thereby assuring us that the roofs are installed correctly. That is why your Heartwood home comes with potentially the best roof warranty in the industry.


Energy Efficiency


Superior construction is a key component to energy efficiency. We are very conscious of the importance of a building envelope that is tightly constructed and completely insulated.

Because of attention to this detail, and to other important considerations, we have been successul in having many of our homes reach the pinnacle of Energy-Star ratings, the 5-Star rating.


Healthy Indoor Air


For anyone with asthma or allergies, a home with healthy indoor air would seem to be a must-have.

The air exchanger system is common in Canada, and we believe just a matter of time before it catches on in the States. A secondary benefit of the system - cooking odors do not linger around!


Comfort And Safety


For a warm and dry basement, we encourage the use of insulating and drainage systems on the outside of your foundations.

For radon control, we install a passive radon venting system which provides a means for trapped radon under the basement slab to seep through pipes to a vent at the roof.



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