Heartwood Builders Homes For Healthy Living

The Heart of the Matter

"Builder of the
American Lung Association's
Health House Model Home
in 2001"


At Heartwood Builders, we don’t build to code. Construction codes represent the very minimum level of acceptability. Our construction standards, and the materials we use, often exceed all building codes. We chose our company mark to remind ourselves of the attention to detail and personal craftsmanship — from foundation to finish — on which we build our reputation.

The Heartwood is the center and the finest cust of wood

Here’s to Your Health!


Not every builder wants to build to Heartwood specifications because, in the first place, many of the features we add do not make a builder any profit. Secondly, in other companies, the people who make the decisions concerning what goes into your home answer to someone else — someone who decides in advance what features go into your home. When you invest in a new home, you may not know to ask about these features. But months after you’ve moved in, you’ll be glad we included them in your Heartwood Builders home.

Heartwood Builders builds only a dozen or so homes a year. We can afford to give each home all the attention it needs to qualify as a Healthy Home. We can upgrade materials without corporate approval. At your request, we can add touches that not only improve the healthiness of your new home, but enhance its comfort and beauty as well .

We build beyond any fixed set of guidelines. Rather than accepting allowable efficiencies that would enable us to build more homes per year — efficiencies that stretch materials, cut corners, and raise profits — we choose materials and employ techniques that make your Heartwood Builders home healthier, safer, more comfortable, and a pleasure to admire for a long, long time.



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